Workshops, Classes and Mentoring 

“Lorrie Ann is so passionate about her work, the joy just oozes out of her! She can’t help but want to pass on that love of photography to others. She is a natural mentor and has the heart of a teacher. I was so touched & blessed by the time she poured into my daughter, who is a budding, aspiring photographer. I was impressed by how much Lorrie emphasized professionalism & business ethics; it’s not enough just to have a creative eye or being able to take great photos. A successful business is based on relationships, and Lorrie definitely knows how to connect with all her clients in a personal, yet professional way. She truly cares about the families she is working with and now the fellow photographers she is helping along their journey. I’m so excited for this next phase of her business! It’s a perfect fit!” Anissa Haywood

“Lorrie is very knowledgeable in both the business & creative sides of photography; she really knows how to work each aspect. Her sweet personality made it so easy to work with her, she made me feel comfortable right away, and she didn’t make me feel dumb for asking any questions. I learned lots of valuable information from her and really appreciate the time she spent with me! I left feeling equipped & empowered!” Alea Joelle

“What a gift!! Her guiding business principal is “kindness” and she indeed showed our family such genuine kindness! I’ve been following her on Facebook ever since Alea started working for her 3 years ago, so it was such an honor to meet her in person!”

Exponential Growth Workshop

Ready to learn how to take your business to the next level AFTER the next level?!  This isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill guide to business.  This is nitty gritty GET IT DONE stuff.  This is answers to why it’s not working your way and what you need to do differently starting NOW NOW NOW.  Do you want to experience more growth and start seeing your numbers work for you instead of against you?  Because I know you can get there.  I know anyone with the heart, passion and a get it done attitude can see their business blossom into an unimaginable success.  My dreams came true, so can yours. I’ll take you through my journey to success.  We’ll talk about everything from navigating business through personal life curve balls to creating sustainable, predictable cycles of income. $400 per seat with payment plans available.  Includes business workshop, access to the Learn with Lorrie Ann Facebook page – a safe place to ask questions and grow and take home material.



Learn one-on-one from an experienced, award-winning, published, nationally recognized, portrait photographer. Learn how I navigate through this beautiful world of photography, from client acquisition all the way through delivering final galleries.  Let’s get this tailored to your needs, specifically.  No two 1:1’s are the same.  They shouldn’t be.  I can’t wait to focus on YOU.

Spend an all-encompassing day with me and then continue to have access for questions and critiques for 3 months. $900 with payment plans available (for most genres).  Make it a group experience to reduce your cost! Email info@lorrieannphotography.com to get started.