Safety First

Did you know the newborn photography industry currently has no safety regulations?
We have 2 very focused rules in my studio—myself, Alea, Robbin and Brynne all follow these 2 rules without exception. 


#1. No Hurt Babies  

#2. Kindness

These rules go hand in hand.  I would not be a kind person if I looked at your baby as an object that could be put into a position that could hurt them just to “one-up” a pose.  I won’t do it.  

Below are several questions you should be asking the newborn photographer you choose to do your session. WITHOUT exception, you should be choosing someone who has received newborn specific training.  If the newborn photographer can answer these questions in a way that you would feel comfortable having them handle your baby, they have passed the most important barrier you should be placing for this decision.

I have practiced newborn photography for 4 years.  I have also had 3 of my own babies who are ages 9, 7 and 1.  I also have an adopted child, age 15.  (What to look for: I would accept a minimum of 2 years practice for this answer.)

I have worked with literally hundreds of babies.  I have had multiple newborn sessions per week for 4 years.

I have traveled from coast to coast for multiple courses and workshops and have attended conferences specific to training in newborn photography. I routinely continue my education.  I have worked with some of the industry-leading photographers when it comes to safety. Specifically, Kelly Brown and Stephanie Robin. I have also worked with Mary Maloney, Heidi Hope, Susan Scott, Alli Peck, Amy McDaniel, Aoiffe Millea, Jessica Vaughn and Ana Brandt. Not only is their work drool worthy, but most of these ladies lead the pack when it comes to proactive newborn safety awareness

Several of my safety practices:

  • Cleanliness.  Products and fabrics are washed after sessions in the studio’s own washer and dryer.
  • I do not carry your baby in a prop.
  • I do not let go of them during upright poses. (This can cause an airway obstruction!)
  • I clear all objects away before carrying your baby to another location, calculating every step, or I will also let you carry the baby.
  • I understand that babies cannot regulate their own body temperatures.  This means they can get too hot.  I know what to watch for and heat the air in the room, not the baby.

I do have an assistant at every newborn session.  I have taught her everything I know when it comes to newborn safety.

Illness cannot be in the studio. We have premature babies and high risk maternity clients regularly, not to mention the newborns in general. All sessions that need to be rescheduled will be.